Barb Abelhauser has been a bridgetender since 2001. She has opened 9 different drawbridges in 3 different states. The opportunity to observe life from one very special, fixed point has inspired her to write a daily blog, The View from a Drawbridge, which she describes as “the random musings of a bridgetender with entirely too much time on her hands.”
Back in 2009, she did an interview for StoryCorps about her love of bridgetending, and then to her surprise, the transcribed interview was included in their 2016 anthology entitled Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work. From this experience, she has gone on to appear in NPR’s Morning Edition, Parade Magazine, and O Magazine.
All of this unexpected and exciting attention has given her the courage to create a series of anthologies from her daily blog. The forthcoming series in development is entitled, “A Bridgetender’s View” and each edition will focus on a different topic and theme.
Barb has learned much from the years of “being” the bridgetender. Her blogs are read by hundreds of loyal readers each day and some make her day by commenting! She truly believes that wisdom gained from daily life experiences and observations are all around us, if only we watch and listen.

Gratitude, for example, is something we may or may not be good at under stress or in times of chaos. Happiness may seem elusive but what if we came to realize it was always near us? Transitions will forever be unnerving, but do they need to be unpleasant memories? Relationships and the people we are relating to may be some of our greatest teachers.

Born in Connecticut and raised in Florida, Barb now lives in Seattle, Washington with her two dogs. She writes and opens drawbridges every day.